A March Square Project

Rather than cutting circles and squares for March’s Square Project, I decided to use my own gelli-printed paper with a circle pattern printed on it (bubble wrap).


I chose the paper weaving design that I showed you in this previous post from Helen Hiebert:  Washi Papers

And for the squares, I cut a pattern into the gelli-paper using an exacto knife to reveal more of the decorative paper.  I think it is more complicated to explain than it is to do! 😉


I like the colors in both of my papers for March…blues, greens, golds, browns and a touch of white and black.  Not my usual color combos…

Yet, they seem to play well with the other colors from December.

I wonder what colors and patterns April’s project will bring!

Cheers! 🙂

Note:  If you want to see my previous square projectsplease look under the art category; A Square Project in the drop down on the right.  Thanks!

19 responses to “A March Square Project

  1. Lovely results Jill…

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  2. Oh, I love this, Jill! 💚💙

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  3. Bright and beautiful and happy!

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  4. Wow Jill, this is a great idea. The colors and textures are awesome.

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  5. Beautiful! I too love your color choices Jill.❤🎨👍

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  6. You are so creative, Jill. This is beautiful! 🙂

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  7. Oh I love this one Jill!

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  8. How very clever Jill!

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