Three Spring Chicks

Since Spring is supposed to be here where I live in the Pacific Northwest…

I created these three Spring Chicks:


Maybe you’d like to see my creative process for today’s weird Wednesday birds.

I started with a watercolor background and pulled out some of its colors with paint sample cards.  The name of the paint sample for yellow was “Forsythia” which gave me the idea of Spring flowers!  And since Easter was last Sunday… I thought of baby chicks!


I looked up baby chicks on the internet for a reference.  Then I tore scrapbook paper for their bodies, cut old painted maps for their beaks and used three of the paint sample cards for their Spring hats.  I drew their feet with pencils.


I added some pencil shading, black pen for their eyes with white highlights and Posca paint pens for dots on their hats.  I used music notes for patches of flowers.

As I was writing, Happy Spring… I misspelled the word, “Spring” so I just cut the word out of the background and added the word, “Day!” (No reason to fuss…)

I created a few “Spring” flowers with more paint sample cards to complete my piece.  And added a sprinkle of buttons:


HAPPY DAY to you, no matter the weather or season!

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Three Spring Chicks

  1. I love your creation and thanks especially for the explanation of the process. For some reason I was particularly struck by the whimsical use of the musical notes as flowers.

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  2. Oh so cute and fun!! I love their little hats and all of the flowers. 🐥💚🌷
    Happy Day, Jill!! 😊

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  3. Oh how I love these and your amazing creative process!!!

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  4. Great layers, as always.
    it’s supposed to be spring here too…(K)

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  5. What a lovely picture to take in on such a cold ‘windy’ day here in Toronto. I want to crawl back into bed but I have an appointment with the chiropodist so I’m checking a few emails, having my coffee and then I’ll get ready to leave. You always inspire me to make more art. Love Carol

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  6. I love the colors, and seeing your process. They’re an adorable trio!

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  7. These little chicks are so cute!

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  8. Great use of materials, the chicks are awesome! I will say we are having spring in southern CA.

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  9. Clever lady! These three chicks make me think of spring. A good thing. Thank you Jill.☺🐣❤🎨

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