Every New Beginning…

I had a busy weekend… still fridge shopping.  I think we have it narrowed down to the one we want!  Hoorah! 😉

We made a slight detour to a furniture store on Saturday and I got the bargain of the century!  Score! 🙂 I think everyone likes a good bargain, I know I do!

I got this table that is counter height, includes 4 chairs for $230.00 – all because it had a slight dent in one corner.


I am very excited because the middle of the table has a lazy susan that spins.  It will be the perfect table for my art space!  And it has storage in the middle section of its base, which you really can’t see in this photo.

I have been looking for a table that is counter height and was thrilled to find one. 🙂

I am in the process of selling my “formal” living furniture and changing it into a creative art space.  More on that later…

I thought this quote was fitting, Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

Do you have a creative space where you create?  I’d love to hear more about it!

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Every New Beginning…

  1. Oh how exciting for you to get such a deal and create your creative space. Keep us posted. Sounds fun!!

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  2. Fun! And I love the table!

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  3. Great end use for this table. I’m still putting together my new work space. So far so good…(K)

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  4. You will love that lazy Susan, I use one all the time for painting glassware and crafts…great table! Can’t wait to see your new “studio” my formal living room is now a playroom for the grands 🙂

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    • Thanks Jenna, I remember seeing how well you used the lazy susan in your art making that it inspired me when I saw this table! 🎨😃 I have been wanting to create my own art space for some time, I am so excited to finally be doing it! Sounds like you have made good use of your formal living room now too! ❤️


  5. I love a good bargain too. Great find, and it sounds perfect for your art use!!

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  6. Wow, great table for art. Isn’t it interesting that as we age we change the priorities of what our dining tables are used for. It’s all about the art now!

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  7. The kitchen table! Most things happen around the kitchen table in our house!

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  8. Hi Jill, great table! Unfortunately I cannot completely turn my dining room into an art studio as it is the only place we can eat! My house is small! Half the table is covered with art stuff though!

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    • Hi Arlene, I am fortunate to have two dining rooms. I still manage to spread my art all over the house! Lol! 😄 It really doesn’t matter how big a space you have but that you feel comfortable creating in the space you do have… does this make sense?
      I am ready to make this area of my house less formal and more comfortable and make better use of its space. It has taken me time to get to this place in my life. It feels kind of liberating! 😉👍


  9. Great find! Love the middle that turns and allows you to get at your art supplies easily.

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    • Hi Louise, I like that part too! And the storage underneath for art supplies. 👍🎨 I got the table recently but haven’t had much time to use it yet. 😉 I wish I did not have to work.


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