Finding Balance

I started this drawing of squares and circles recently with a Micron black pen:


I was thinking of using a drawing for one of my monthly Square Projects;  you can read more about my project here: February’s Square Project

I think we all struggle with finding balance in one or two areas of our lives.  I know I do! 😉

Sometimes I wish life was as easy as balancing lights and darks like this collage:


The collage is still waaay too busy for me, much like life is some times… and yet cutting up the original collage and rearranging the pieces helped me to focus on the whole picture, not just the annoying parts!

It also helped me create balance in this drawing:



Creating art teaches me a lot about finding balance in my life.  How about you?

My drawing is almost complete, next I will add pencil shading.

Cheers! 🙂


14 responses to “Finding Balance

  1. Balance is definitely one of life’s biggest challenges. As Long as we keep striving, we are at least on the right path. It is so wonderful that you have your art to help you balance. Love these pieces.

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  2. I love them all.
    We’re always tilting one way or the other, but somehow it evens itself out in the end…(K)

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  3. How interesting JIll! Love hearing your process…I enjoy designing digitally because it is so easy to move things around! When I do art projects, I’m afraid my life gets out of balance because I neglect everything else!

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  4. I like to think that art allows for some “off balance” for a while. Like Kerfe says, things do even out. I love your art Jill.

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  5. If you’re not happy with the collage try tearing away some of the top layers to reveal what is underneath or fingerpaint some white paint over parts of it to balance it out. If it’s not too precious it might be worth the risk.

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  6. Loving the balance you have kind of brought in this drawing. For me, there is absolutely no balance

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