I Don’t Know…

Sometimes, I don’t know what to blog about…

Does this ever happen to you?

Or do you find yourself not knowing what to create?

I had another busy weekend with not much time to create art.

The new fridge was delivered on Saturday so we spent a greater part of the day cleaning inside and under the old fridge… before the new one could be installed.  (We moved the old fridge to the garage.)

One has to wonder why they have so many bottles of half used condiments just sitting around on a shelf, taking up space in the refrigerator.  😉

There was also those unexpected surprises, like the moldy cheese in an ugly shade of blue hiding in the corner or the lime that is no longer green.  (Oh, that’s what that was!)

The new fridge did get installed but the water hose leaked to the ice maker.  Luckily, my hubby was able to buy a part and fix it himself.  Fingers crossed that it is fixed! :-0

So back to creating art, I realize I got a bit off track…

I spent my evenings finishing this doodle of squares and circles with pencil shading:


I don’t know what month I will use it for my project… I’m finding planning ahead does have its advantages!  Like cleaning out under the fridge more than every 20 years…

Happy Monday!

Cheers! 🙂


19 responses to “I Don’t Know…

  1. Lol about the fridge! I think we’ve all experienced. Lovely quilt of pattern!!!

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  2. I guess there is an ebb and flow to all creativity; blogging too. I love your posts, Jill.

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  3. I love your doodles Jill!! We got a new washing machine lately and I tried to madly clean the space while the man was outside getting the new one, I mean come on who moves appliances to clean???? 😂

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  4. Your imaginative art brought you back for the refrig detour. I’m sure drawing each little square was a joy.

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  5. Don’t you hate it when housework gets in the way of doin art? I thought I’d get a lot done this miserable weekend but vacuuming, laundry and tidying my art space needed to be done. The good news is that I did repurpose two old pieces of art that didn’t thrill me and now they make me smile. Did you ever think of drawing those old bottles of condiments or that aged lime? Could be interesting!!

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    • Yes, it does feel good when the cleaning gets done… glad you were able to repurpose some art in your art room, Carol. 😃👍🎨
      And it would be interesting to draw the old bottles but I’d have to hide them from my hubby first as he doesn’t like to throw things away! Lol! 😊

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  6. It’s amazing what’s in the back of the refrigerator.
    go with the flow Jill. well, I know you will! (K)

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  7. Great doodles! I can also relate to the cleaning under the fridge thing! LOL My cat Foster wants to know if you found any cat toys under there!

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  8. Happy things are back on track, and I swear I bought those pickles 6 months ago – not in 2014 as the expiration date says!!

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