A Smiley Face

When someone smiles at me, I can’t help but return a smile, how about you?


I didn’t know that Harvey Ross Ball was the creator of THE smiley face, did you?

Amazing how such a simple image can bring so much sunshine to others! 🙂

I created this circle fun in my art journal in January and was saving it for the right time to post it…

Today seems like a perfect day!

Cheers! 🙂


26 responses to “A Smiley Face

  1. Happy Tuesday, Jill! 🙂💚
    It always feels good to share a smile. 😊 🌼😀

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  2. This is so fun and happy. I am smiling 😊

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  3. Smiley faces and circles bring a smile to my face as well.

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  4. Thank you Harvey! What would we do without it? And nicely complemented by your circles. (K)

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  5. The world needs more smiley faces☺ Thank you Jill☺ Hope everyone has a smile like mine right now☺❤

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  6. Smiling is infectious – we should start an epidemic and the world would be a better place… !

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  7. I love all of your circles Jill, happy!

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  8. What would we do without the smiley face?? 😀 Loving your circles of fun!

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  9. This is definitely a good time to share this happy art work as we are in the middle of another snowfall after several days of freezing rain. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.

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  10. I had a Happy Face necklace when I was younger and still have it! I am a smiler and don’t understand when folks don’t smile back or grumble. Heck, smiling is free and can make a big difference in one’s day! 😄😃😀😁

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  11. I didn’t know who created the smiley icon. Love your circles.

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    • Hi Deborah! Nice to see you again! 😃 I hope you are feeling much better! 👍 It is a really interesting story, google his name if you’d like to read about it. ❤️ Circles are fun! Thank you

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  12. journalingart

    This is so bright and happy! Thank you for sharing your art journal!

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