Nancy Drew And Dapper Dan

I decided to add a little mystery to my post today…

I was at a thrift store yesterday, buying old books for a collage class I’m taking…


I’ll share more about the online class in Thursday’s post! 😉

I found several old Nancy Drew books, like this one:


I remember reading the book series as a young girl.  How about you?

This book was only $1.00 so I bought it, thinking it might be fun to read again!  😃  And possibly, include a page or two into one of my weird birds!

Which brings me to today’s post… Dapper Dan:


Dapper Dan almost turned into Dapper Damn when I was creating the hand lettering for his name and messed up!  Ugh! 😬

Thank goodness for white pens (much like white-out!)

Apparently, the “Old Maid” card game was subconsciously on my mind… Do you remember these cards?


Funny how one memory leads to another one…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

May it bring you happy memories of your childhood…

Cheers!  🙂

18 responses to “Nancy Drew And Dapper Dan

  1. I adore Dapper Dan!! I was so tempted to consider that class, but with starting my new job Monday, I need to keep focused. Have fun!!!

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    • I almost didn’t sign up for the class because I don’t really have time for it but then I thought, “What the heck!” I always enjoy learning how someone else creates art especially collage. It already has me thinking outside the box! 😃 Happy you like Dapper Dan! 💙

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  2. I read all the Nancy Drew books…more than once!

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  3. I get a lot of collage material from books at library sales. Love the old maid cards! And good to get my weird bird dose for the week…(K)

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  4. I love the Nancy Drew series. I’m playing old maid now with my granddaughter, haha And, of course I love Dapper Dan, my morning laugh.

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  5. Read some Nancy Drew but enjoyed Trixie Beldon more. Haven’t thought of those in years. Dan being so dapper is distracting. 😉❤

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    • I had “The Secret of the Old Clock” and two other Nancy Drew books growing up. I discovered Trixie Belden as an adult, because my stepdaughter had some around the house. I think I liked Trixie better too. I even went out and bought them at thrift stores because I wanted to read more! 😋

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    • Lol! 🤣 Yes, he can be quite distracting…. thanks for the giggle, Susan! 😊 I am not familiar with Trixie Beldon. I will have to look into it. BTW, Trixie sounds like the perfect name for a weird bird! 😁🐦👍

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  6. Dapper Dan is quite the strutter! I love white pens!! Can’t wait to hear about your class!

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