Lake Doodlings…

What inspires YOU?

This last weekend I was at the lake…


The weather has been unusually warm which has made the snow melt too quickly.  The lake water is well above normal.


Beaches are now part of the lake…


Perhaps stories around a campfire some day?


The lake was so calm for these photos… beautiful reflections:


I love how the sky reflects on the water…


It gave me time to relax and reflect on my own life.

And create this lake doodle in my art journal…


I’d love to hear what helps YOU relax!

Cheers! 🙂

24 responses to “Lake Doodlings…

  1. Wonderful views at the lake Jill definitely looks inviting and so peaceful. Love your doodling, that was one thing that brings me into a mediative state. Another favorite way to relax is to surround myself in nature and or listen to music.

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  2. Lovely images of the lake Jill and a wonderful doodle!

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  3. Beautiful lake views, Jill.
    Love your doodle! 💙 😀

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  4. Love your doodle ! 🙂

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  5. Oh so beautiful! So calm and relaxing. Lovvvvve your lake doodle too!!

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  6. Your lake is so beautiful Jill, doodling is a great way to relax! I like to relax with a glass of wine watching the sunset…

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  7. Such pretty shots, Jill! I love relaxing in a similar way, by being creative, sketching a piece, taking pictures, strumming my guitar 🙂

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  8. So lovely and peaceful…your lake sketch could be a quilt.

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  9. It’s beautiful there! Your doodle is fun!

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