Bachelorette Betty

Which “one-liner” bachelor will Betty choose?

Betty is tall and blonde, weighs the size of a peanut and lives to sky-dive from a plane in all 50 states wearing only a bikini…


Meet Mike…  Bachelor #1


Mike pumps iron in the gym 7 days a week… still lives with his mother and likes to ride a unicycle.

Meet Richard… Bachelor #2


Richard is very theatrical and hopes to be an actor one day.   Perhaps you have seen him in the Nursery Rhyme Production, Little Boy Blue? 

And last but certainly not least…

Meet Stan… Bachelor #3


Stan tends to blush easily especially when he eats jalapeños peppers…

Stan is a chef in a well-known restaurant, likes to swim naked with dolphins and rides a Harley Motorcyle.

Which bachelor will Bachelorette Betty choose?!

I look forward to your answers!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. I drew the one-liner faces, painted them in watercolor and then wrote my stories…. Just a little silliness to give you a smile!

15 responses to “Bachelorette Betty

  1. Bachelor #3 😂 Nice story and amazing one-liner drawing. 😊

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  2. These are awesome!!!!! Omg. The personalities you created!!!!!

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  3. So cool, I love all of them! I do it sometimes to and when I do them I have a great time.

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  4. Okay – this did make me laugh…and swimming with dolphins is quite fun…so I’ll say number three!

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  5. ok Jill, I’m laughing out loud. I’m gong with Stan because he swims with the dolphins.

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  6. I am laughing out loudly! Hilarious! Hopefully Betty is smart enough not to pick any of the bachelor’s. I am not holding up much hope for her or them. 🤣💗

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  7. You are too hilarious Jill!! Of course Stan is the least of the losers, but I think Betty needs to put her clothes on, stop sky diving, and keep looking!

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