A June Bird…

You have heard of a June Bug, right?

Well, why not a June bird!


I decided to try a little something different for today’s weird bird and collage over a watercolor tree I had previously painted in an art journal.

I “repurposed” the word, June from an old wall calendar in several languages and used a page from a weekly paper calendar… I don’t buy weekly calendar’s anymore since I use my cell phone but I still like to buy monthly calendars each year for the inspiring artwork.  How about you?

Hope your June is taking flight for a fabulous month!

Cheers! 🙂


16 responses to “A June Bird…

  1. Happy Wednesday, Jill! 🌸
    June bird is wonderful!!

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  2. Very clever…and being a lover of paper products, I have to have a wall calendar!

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  3. Old art calendars were wonderful when I was teaching children about artists and I loved using them for collage.

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    • Hi Carol, I like using them in my journals. They also give me ideas for other art projects. My husband gave me a Klimt calendar that I used the “June” words for this bird. I love being inspired by other artists! So cool that you used this as a teaching tool! 😊🎨💕👍📚

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  4. I know I tell you this all the time, but how do you come up with this stuff!! Your creations are always so unique, and an unexpected fun surprise!! This is crazy fun! I love calendar artwork, but can’t live without the calendar on my lap top that automatically syncs to my phone

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    • Thank you for your kind compliments today, Jenna! 😊❤️ I like to experiment as variety is the spice of life for me! At least in art! 🎨😍 I understand about the electronic calendars – I love my iPhone! 😃 Yet, I still like to decorate a wall or two with an art calendar as they inspire me with their positivity and artwork. Cheers! 🌻

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  5. Yeah, June is busting out all over!

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  6. Happy Weird Bird Wednesday Jill! Your bird is cute! I love his green bill, and the color of his body. He has a lovely patina!

    I still buy a weekly-minder, but only use it to count my calories each day.

    I haven’t bought a calendar in years…since I started depending on my phone’s calendar.

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    • Thank you Deborah! 💚🐦 I use my phone for appointments, etc but I still enjoy having a paper wall calendar for the art inspiration! 😊 Good idea to keep track of your calories weekly, I have heard that there are apps to do so but I haven’t taken the time to figure it out! 😉

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      • I actually keep track of my calories daily. The weekly minder has a column for each day of the week.

        I used to get a Charles Wysocki calendar every year to slide into a wood frame I bought years, and years ago at a craft fair, now that frame hangs empty. Thankfully it’s pretty much out of sight behind a door. 😜

        I could put in an old calendar. I kept most of them because I love his art.

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  7. Hehe! Love June bird!! The hat is particularly stylish! So much fun! 😍We recently received a art calendar from Hahnemühle and the May one looks SO good with our wall color, we haven’t had the heart to change it to June yet. 😊

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