Strange Fungi

When I was at the lake last weekend, my hubby discovered this strange fungi (wild mushroom) growing under the garbage can and pushing it up on one side:


My husband, who knows how much I enjoy taking photos of these strange natural sightings; told me about it…

I couldn’t resist a photo or two!

I looked it up on the internet yesterday and discovered it to be of the “Puffball” fungus family.  Seriously, the Puffball fungus family of Agaricaceae.

It is sometimes known as the Brain Puffball, I kid you not! 😉

It looked to me like it had a hidden message in it… kind of like “dad” since it was Father’s Day weekend… I guess all families have their strange fungi family members! Lol!

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Strange Fungi

  1. We love looking for different types of mushrooms on our travels! We found one a while back that looked like pink spider eggs, but it turned out to be a bubble gum fungi. Nice shots!

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  2. We have them in PA and we called them “yard vomit””. Puffball is nicer.

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  3. Wow, Jill this is a weird looking fungi, thanks for posting. Have a happy day.

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    • Hi Sharon, I had never seen a mushroom like this one. I started looking up mushrooms and discovered all sort of bizarre looking ones on the internet…
      Enjoy your day too, Sharon! 😃🎨👍 How awesome that your granddaughter is going to art camp!!

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  4. It does kinda look like a brain! How odd it was strong enough to tip your can!!

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  5. I thought it has a message too! It’s a strong mushroom to be pushing up that bin! Dad seems fitting. 😊

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  6. Wow! This is Superman or Wonder Woman fungi to lift up your dustbin, Jill! I have seen similar Earthball fungi here, but nothing like this.

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  7. I saw a pair of spectacles until you mentioned “dad.” What a timely find near Father’s Day!

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  8. PS: Your dad’s name isn’t Brian, is it? That would be quite an awesome coincidence 😁

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  9. PS: Dang it, it was brain and not Brian. I’m a dork 😜

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  10. Lol the first thing I thought when I read this was “it’s probably poisonous!” 😝

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