Daisy Doodles

I painted these daisies in watercolor from my imagination.  However, I wasn’t totally pleased with them so I jazzed them up with Tombow markers, white gel pen, color pencils and a black Micron pen:


I especially like the lettering, “D” is for Daisy Doodles…

I have decided to take a little blogging break this week and will be posting on Instagram instead.

Wishing you all a fabulous and creative week ahead!

Cheers! 🙂


27 responses to “Daisy Doodles

  1. Your daisy doodles are delightful, Jill!! 💜💙 🌼

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  2. Lovely colourful daisies…

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  3. What a great combination of tools Jill, and I love your new alphabet series. See you on Instagram. Happy week to you.

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  4. I love your doodling daisies Jill!! Enjoy your holiday week!

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  5. I really like your collage!

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  6. I would love to have those daisies growing in my yard! (K)

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  7. Love your doodles. Enjoy your break!!

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  8. loved your daisies Jill 💖 and Tombow marker design looks good 👍🏼 See you on Instagram

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  9. Such a cheerful page! ❤️❤️❤️

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