Jump Ahead…

Hello Friends!

I’ve been enjoying time off from blogging and working on my Alphabet Journal.  You can read more about my project here:  Creating A Recipe Of Fun…

I am posting “an alphabetical recipe” with watercolor each day on Instagram but I have gotten a bit behind on the collage part…

Today, I decided to jump ahead to the letter, “J”:


Letter “J” is for creating art with JOY of course!

I had fun drawing this illustration, painting it in watercolor and adding an abstract collage.

I will post my letters “E” through “I” when I add collage to them.

I hope you are all well…

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Jump Ahead…

  1. Love this, Jill!! 💚😀

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  2. That’s a fun one!

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  3. Thanks for the JOY Jill. Have a wonderful day.

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  4. So delightful Jill! Do you really have a cat named Jack? 😂 Yes, creating art is JOY!

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  5. I love how you combine collage with watercolour. Do you have a cat named Jack? 🙂

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  6. Very cool! I cant wait to start mine back up! Its been about 10 years.

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  7. I am loving it, Jill! You bring so much ‘Joy’ with your amazing art!

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  8. Oh the JOY this brings me!!!!!! ❤ 🙂

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  9. Joy is always welcome. (K)

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