Kites, Lilies And…

I am finding that working on more than one letter of the alphabet at a time is helping me stay on track for the daily watercolor and collage series challenge I have given myself for the month of July.

Working ahead also takes the pressure off…

After all, this is supposed to be FUN, right?!

I like how these kites turned out for the letter, “K”…


          I can remember kite flying when I was a child, how about you?

This is one of the parts that I am enjoying about this challenge for myself, experimenting with different ideas to achieve the end results…

Like using my gelli-printed collage papers for the clouds! 🙂

Can you guess what letter, “L” stands for?


You got it!  Lilies!


And a Ladybug!

Did you see the Green Metalic Bee on the Lily?


I discovered this bee really exists!  I probably would not have discovered it IF I hadn’t been photographing it!

Isn’t NATURE grand?! It opens the mind to all sorts of new things…

Happy Exploring!

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Kites, Lilies And…

  1. What a happy post Jill, I love the kites and the Lilies. If you like bee knowledge, there is a new show called “Hives Alive” on Netflix.

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  2. I love those little surprises when taking photos of flowers. I’ve been working on more abstract flowers on my doodle pages. Should be ready to post soon. Love both your lilies.

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  3. Yes, nature is amazing. And photos often contain a surprise.
    I love those kites, too–bring on the breezes! (K)

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  4. Stunning colours, Jill, and you have captured them beautifully in your wonderful art!

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  5. This series rocks! Love the cheery yellows, and oranges in this painting/collage Jill.

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  6. Your kites are so Kute!! You are smart to keep ahead of yourself for the challenge, it’s hard to keep up isn’t it! I’m trying! The lily is so fun, but I really love the ladybug collage!

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  7. Yay for lilies 👍😉☺️❤️

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  8. Nature is grand, and so is your artwork! Kite flying is alive and well on the NC beach we visit each year. Your kites would be perfect in a children’s book!

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