M, N, O, P

My continuation of my Alphabet Journal…

Mushrooms from my imagination for the letter, “M”:


I did reference wild mushrooms online before I drew and painted these colorful ones.  It was very fun to paint these mushrooms in watercolor.  Adding salt while the paint was wet gave the perfect texture to them.  I am sure I will be painting more in my future!

Letter “N” is for handwritten notes:


This one took me a little more time to complete.  It was fun to add old postage stamps for the collage part.  Letter writing seems to be becoming a lost form of communication.

”O” is for the color, orange so why not an orange sunset:


I was playing with color, shapes and balance for the collage part.

Purple petunias from a planter were a perfect subject for the letter, “P”:


I cut strips of handpainted paper for the collage part.  I thought the colors accented the purples I used for the petunias.

I hope you are enjoying my alphabet series… I’m having so much fun!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “M, N, O, P

  1. These are so awesome. A little special treat and surprise on each page. What a fun and creative walk through the alphabet this is! Loving it

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  2. A wonderful series! I love your alphabet journal. So creative and fun!! 💙💚🌸

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  3. These are so much fun!

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  4. What a happy watercolor and alphabet series. Have a creative day today, Jill.

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  5. Embla Ester Granqvist

    These are great! Especially like the mushrooms ^^

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  6. Oh, “N” is wonderful, and so is the sky in O. What a wonderful series this is.

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  7. Your imagination is my favorite place to visit!! Love this! 😍

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  8. It looks like you’re really having fun with this! I am crazy about all your kooky mushrooms, love the salt technique too!

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