Trees, Unicorns And Vino…

Continuing with my Alphabet watercolor and collage series for the month of July…

Letter, “T” is for trees:


Do you see a couple of birds in my tree?  😉

”U” never know when a unicorn will show up!


Especially when under a sun umbrella! 

And no, I wasn’t sampling the vino…


Just drawing with my eyes closed!  (Yes, my eyes were open for the painting, lettering and I did cheat a little and add a few extra lines to the wine bottles with my eyes open…)

I have decided to spend a few extra days enjoying the lake this week.  Temps will be in the high 80’s and low 90’s…


Summer is so short here that it is nice to enjoy when the weather is good!

There is something about the water that is so soothing…


Cheers to summer! 🙂

16 responses to “Trees, Unicorns And Vino…

  1. The lake look so tranquil, and I like the picture with the moon. Your watercolor alphabet is very cheery, and I can tell you are having fun.

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  2. I love the Vino bottles, crazy fun! Enjoy your lake time!

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  3. Oh so much fun!!
    Love your photos of the lake, very soothing. 💙
    Enjoy! 🌼💙

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  4. Yes, I see your birds in the tree! Lovely paintings, and fun too!

    We are signed up for kidsartweek! I need to get a few supplies for it, then coaxing #1 Grandson into doing it. This morning he’s not into it. Hopefully that changes! Thanks again for sharing the link and info with me!xx

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    • Thank you Deborah! 🐦🌳
      You can tell #1 grandson that I will be doing the class too! 😃 Sometimes it helps to see what other kids are doing on the Facebook page to get excited about the class… I know it always inspires me! 🎨💕

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  5. Unicorns are just what the world needs right now! (K)

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  6. Your tree is so clever! The water looks so inviting…is it cold? Our water temp here in Oregon is about 50 degrees.

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    • Thank you, Patty 😃🌳 The water has warmed up to about 68 degrees. I find it refreshing, especially on a hot day! I have been swimming 3 times a day this week. I love the water here as it is such a clean lake, cold but clean! 🐠

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  7. Cute! I like the unicorn best! 🦄 I don’t know what our water temperatures are here in Fresno, but I just read that we are are about to break our record of 21 straight days of triple digits😬😬

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