X, Y, Z And…

I made it through the alphabet for my art journal!  WHOOT!

And I completed 31 days of watercolor in July for World Watercolor Month!!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my finished alphabet pages…

An X-ray Tetra Fish for “X”:


“Y” is for Yellow:


“Z” for Zentangled zoodles… Which are zucchini noodles!


I still want to add paper collage and a few extra details to complete these pages… so stay tuned! 🙂

And I completed 5 additional watercolor pages to finish my 31 days – I will post them later this week…

I am happy to be done so I can focus on some other art projects.  Yet, I had so much fun!

I enjoyed my extra time at the lake last week... I think my highlights were swimming in the lake – three times a day, reading a super good book, painting outside daily, making paper butterflies with a friend, daily naps and cool evenings.

Wishing you a happy day doing what you love!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “X, Y, Z And…

  1. Congratulations, Jill, on a highly successful World Watercolor Month. I am amazed when someone is able to complete challenges like this. I absolutely love the colors, texture, and wonderful details of your x-ray tetra fish. It is the kind of painting that I, as a complete beginner in watercolor, aspire to be able to paint some day.

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    • Thank you Mike! 😃 Glad you like my fish! And I know you will be able to paint one! 🎨👍 It takes lots of practice or at least it has for me. I think learning how to draw better helped me tremendously, especially being able to add shading. I don’t find watercolor to be an easy art medium for me so having a challenge like this one has helped me to become more comfortable with it.


  2. Congratulations on both Jill! July has certainly been a busy but very creative month. Fun too. 💙😊🎨💗

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  3. Wow, you made it to “Z”! I’m not progressing very fast on my “ABC animals” but now I’m motivated to catch up! I think your watercolors are awesome, plus I really like the x-ray tetra fish! I used to have some back in my “aquarium days” lol

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    • Thank you! 😃 I really enjoyed the alphabet challenge. Some days were easier than others but it helped to know what letter to focus on each day. After I made it through the alphabet, it was a little more challenging for me to keep going…
      I will check out your animals! 🎨👍

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  4. Congratulations! great job Jill! Hope you are feeling well. Love you X fish!!! ❤

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  5. Great job! 🌼😀
    Congrats, Jill! 💗

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  6. Congrats Jill! All your creations are always fun and unique! I really enjoyed World Watercolor Month, and the challenge really did push me to paint everyday. I am anxious to get back to other mediums, especially my favorite markers!

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    • YAY! 😄 Happy to hear you painted every day too, Jenna! 🎨👍 I enjoyed seeing all your paintings on IG. I have fallen a bit behind on blogging. 😉
      I look forward to doing more collage. 🌸


  7. Well done! And “Y” is such a happy page. 🙂
    What was the super good book, may I ask?

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  8. Awesome Jill! Congratulations on completing the whole month! I enjoyed your alphabet series.

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