Two Hands

I experimented yesterday with tracing both hands with a black Micron pen:


My right hand on top of my left hand… Then adding watercolor to both:


I used watercolor paper by Daler Rowney, Langton Prestige in rough grain for my above experiment.  I love how a pinch of salt into the wet paint gives a nice texture.

I also experimented on Arches, 140 lb hot press watercolor paper with a different paint color palette:


The smooth texture doesn’t react to the salt or the watercolor in the same way as the rough grain:


Yet, it gives my two hands a different dimension.  I plan to doodle on this one as it is much easier to draw on with ink.

I like the first painting for its simplicity and the second one for its complexity of layers.  How about you?

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “Two Hands

  1. I’m more drawn to the lighter colors and more playful feel of the first painting.

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  2. A fun painting experiment Jill…

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  3. I like this direction. (K)

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  4. Jill, these hands are magical, I love the overlap and the transparent watercolor.

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  5. I am soooo drawn to the last one with your two hands. It touches me deeply ❤

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