A Knit-Capped Crane

One never knows when they will spot a Knit-Capped Crane in the fresh water of a marsh:


This weird bird is related to the “Hooded” Crane…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. Can you find the hidden hand in the bird’s body?

19 responses to “A Knit-Capped Crane

  1. Oh Jill!! How do you do it? You continue to blow me away with your creative birds. Absolutely looovve this one!!!!! I sure do see the hand! 👋🏻

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  2. There’s so much going on with this crane. He also seems to have a musical throat. I wonder what his song sounds like.

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  3. Love it, Jill! 🐦💗
    So creative and fun! 😀

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  4. Is it Wednesday already? I love the knitted cap on this adorable crane.

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  5. Love the hat. I can see the hand. And, happy weird bird Wednesday Jill. 😊👍🎨

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  6. I know he’s singing…(K)

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  7. 😊 So cute! I´d love to meet one!

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