E, F and G

I have been adding collage to finish some of my watercolor alphabet journal pages from the month of July.

I thought you might enjoy seeing them – before and after collage photos:

Letter “E” is for eyes:



For the collaged “hair,” I colored Swedish tracing paper with Derwent Ink Tense Blocks, added water to blend the colors and let dry.  I then sewed them to my paper with a light gray thread.  Her eyes were a little more sultry than I intended!  😉

Letter “F” is for Fridays, frogs, flowers and ferns:



I stapled my handpainted collage papers to my watercolor paper.  I then covered the staples by gluing a circle over them.  The black letter “f” is a sticker.

Letter “G” is for mixing greens:



I attached the collage paper with a flower brad, glued a paper scrap with a square on top and added the “good” fortune:  You will hear good news today!

I hope to finish letters, “H” and “I” next week!

Happy Friday! Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “E, F and G

  1. I love these. I love your work. Your art. You!! 👍😉💚

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  2. It is fun to see the works in progress, the added papers and sewing, etc gives each piece new meaning. As always wonderful art Jill…and I agree with Jodi!

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  3. I love the idea of stitching the paper to your art piece and the addition of the collage on the G page really balances the piece.

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    • Thank you, Carol 😊 I really enjoyed stitching on paper so will be doing more in the future! 💗 The collage does balance the watercolor on “G” – I see it now too. 👍


  4. I love your girl face, and Mixing Greens!! The frog is adorable.

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  5. This is a great project. Alluring eyes! (K)

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  6. I love the expression on the frog’s face!😀

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  7. They’re all so pretty, love the pear. And had to smile about your girl with the sexy glance 😊 So funny – what some lines on paper can do! Have a wonderful weekend!🌞

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