The Power Of Touch

I do not believe we can ever understand the depth of love…


And the power of touch!

I started my two hands in watercolor last week, if you recall:


And added the finishing “touches” in ink over the weekend.

Two people who “touched” my life with love recently passed.  One a family member and the other the mother of a friend.  Both ladies were 95 years old.

It has made me think more about how others touch my life and how I have the power to touch others with love.

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “The Power Of Touch

  1. Such a beautiful sentiment and art. How fortunate these ladies lived such a good long life and you had them for so long. May you feel peace in the love and memories as you mourn the great loss. Hugs.

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  2. Beautiful post, Jill.
    Hugs and love 💞

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  3. Good Morning Jill, These represent the love and the touch we all need. Thanks for sharing about your love one, I’m so happy they lived a long life and you were apart of their lives.

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  4. This looks amazing, Jill! I’m sorry for your loss. Love is so important, being kind to each other, to the ones we know, but also to strangers. Especially in times like ours today! Sending love to you from over the ocean! ❤️

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    • Hi Ann, I so agree about what you said on love… Kindness can be such a simple act and yet have a big impact to others as well as ourselves. 💗 Thank you for your love! 😘💕xo

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      • The last two days I tried smiling at people passing me while I walk the dog – smiling only on women, because I don’t want any misunderstandings… 😂 Until now every woman smiled back. And that again makes me happy. So cool! 😊

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  5. Beautiful. The love shines out of these hands.

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  6. My condolences Jill. We are all lucky to have people who have touched our lives with love.
    And the stained glass hands are beautiful. (K)

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