A Hand-Made Paper Wreath

Remember this “handala” mandala from last week?


Well, I finished it this week…

I used a flower stencil, a black Micron .01 pen and a new 2-inch circle punch:


Creating a Hand-made Paper Wreath:


And I used hand-painted papers for my circles…

I encourage you to try your “hand” at making a paper wreath!

Cheers! 🙂

19 responses to “A Hand-Made Paper Wreath

  1. Gotta hand it to you!! Great job! ✋🏻👍😉☺️

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  2. What a wonderful idea, I love the colors and theme. This looks like it could be a clock face, too.

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  3. so cool Jill, your creativity is positively soaring!

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  4. This would be a great art lesson for teachers to do with their classes!

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  5. That came out really neat! Very creative!

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  6. This is just fabulous Jill! Love the addition of the hand painted papers too! Cheers!

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  7. This has a lovely folk art quality to it. (K)

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  8. Hi Jill! Just found this post of your beautiful artwork and I think its stunning! I’m planning on reblogging a lovely playful poem tonight and wondered if I could feature your bottom photo with the poem. As you know I’d credit you and link back. Not sure if you’ll see this in time but please let me know regardless. I’d love to blog your photo, poem or not!

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