Drawing Quirky Characters…

I discovered this online class over the weekend at JeanneOliver.com – Quirky Characters with Lucy Cooke

And I haven’t been able to stop drawing… a very good thing! 🙂

Here are my beginning drawings in my sketchbook on Friday:


I wanted to loosen up and create more quirkiness in my drawings…

So I decided to start my faces with something familiar…a little paper collage:


Experimenting with different drawing materials helped me relax too.  I also like how Lucy gives different ways to start a drawing of a face:


I started the ones above with watercolor hair and then used water soluble Faber Castell graphite pencils to add the details.

It was super fun to give little “stories” to my characters as I did with my collage ones.

I did the sketches below with a .7mm pencil, blending stump and a little color pencil where mentioned:


I think I have come a long way in my pencil sketches in just 3 days!  I think that Lucy Cooke is such a good teacher.

This class is teaching me so much and I’d highly recommend it if you’d always dreamed of drawing faces that are playful and fun!  It is one of the more reasonable online classes I’ve taken in price yet it doesn’t disappoint in content either.

Cheers to quirky drawing! 🙂

24 responses to “Drawing Quirky Characters…

  1. I love the “Music was always on Mary’s mind”. Quirky is always amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Lovely sketches Jill…

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  3. I have loved Lucy’s portraits for the longest time. Her colour palettes are bright and cheerful. These are awesome sketchbook entries. Jill! Love the page where you added collage. I have started three full page portraits to play with on the plane later this week but you are reminding me that I could sketch smaller and get more done! Thanks for that. Look forward to seeing more faces!

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    • I will have to check out more of Lucy’s colorful portraits! You know how much I love color…😃 The collage start was my own idea and I hope to do more of them. I will look for your portraits as they are so amazing, Louise! ❤️ Hope you are on a trip to someplace fabulous!

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      • Jill, we are flying to Amsterdam for two nights and then on to Zagreb Croatia. We will rent a car and then travel along the Adriatic coastline…I detailed our itinerary in this month’s Newsletter with a few links to interesting sites. I am going to prepare a free pictorial travelogue for my subscribers (you are one of them) once I return. That should be ready for October newsletter. Cheers from Ottawa, 🇨🇦

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  4. HAHA, these ladies are so funny and very well done. I do love the collage added hair! Thanks for the link to the class.

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  5. I am loving your quirky ladies Jill, I especially like the ones with watercolor hair. The cotton candy hair girl looks just like Cher! You really have a talent for faces, happy drawing!

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  6. Great job, Jill!
    Love it! ❤️ 😀
    Thanks for the link.

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  7. Hello Jill,
    You did such an amazing job with these faces. I especially like that you got such a large variety of different characters. I saw this class too and was very tempted to take it; but I have so many unfinished ones, that I refrained from it. Just trying to catch up a bit. Thanks for letting me have a peek into this fabulous class!

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    • Hi Suzanne, thank you my dear friend – so nice to hear from you! 💗 I understand about being behind! 😉 You can see more of Lucy’s art on Instagram at Artcy Lucy Cooke. I have so enjoyed seeing ALL your amazing faces on Instagram!! You are doing sooooo FABULOUS! 🎨👍


  8. All are fun and creative, but my favorites are your hat ladies.

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  9. Look at you Jill!!! Love these! Looks like you had tons of fun! YAY!

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  10. These ladies have a lot of stories to tell I think! (K)


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