Chasing The Sun

My hubby and I spent many hours chasing the sun this last weekend at the lake in our boat:


A feeling of Fall was definitely in the air…


The lake water temperature had dropped about 6-8 degrees to about chilly 62 degrees… in only two weeks, making jumping in the water, a very brisk dip:


We spent a lot of time changing clothes… between the warm sun, coolness of the clouds and the occasional breeze:


Seems like Fall wasn’t the only “change” going on! Lol! 😉


Wishing you a sunny day!

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “Chasing The Sun

  1. What a beautiful way to spend the weekend!

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  2. Beautiful lake views, Jill!!
    What a great place to get away and relax. 💙😀

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  3. Wonderful lake views, have a great day Jill.

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  4. Beautiful nourishing pics! Thank you!

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  5. It looks so beautiful there!

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  6. Beautiful! There’s no fall in the air in the South yet!

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