Autumn’s Display

Fall was in the air this last weekend at the lake!


I always like when the wild rose hips turn a blushing reddish-orange:


I did a pencil sketch of them in my journal:

I enjoyed taking these photos of Autumn’s Display to share with you:








I hope they brighten your Monday!

Cheers! 🙂


19 responses to “Autumn’s Display

  1. They do! I think Autumn is my favorite season, all those colors and the little bit of melancholy… Like a farewell. 🌞🍂

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  2. It will be a while until we start seeing fall changes so I really enjoyed seeing the foliage where you are!

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  3. Thank you for the stroll through the woodlands. Gorgeous color.

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  4. They sure do brighten my day! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures and the nature study. I love to do such little studies too!

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  5. Gorgeous, Jill! Thank you for brightening my day! 💗🍂🍁

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  6. So pretty! I love it when fall gets in the air!

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  7. How the time has flown since we talked and looked forward to our summer on the lake. Now of a sudden it is fall.

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    • Yes, it always seems to go too fast! 😊 I do look forward to the cooler days but I will miss relaxing at the lake! We close up our trailer for the winter soon. Are you going to be able to enjoy your lake through the fall, Susan? 🍁🌻


  8. Yes, they did brighten my Monday evening! Lovely sketching too.

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  9. Oh that first photo just pleads to become a painting!!!

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