Summer Clouds Reflect


Summer clouds reflect,

Another season ending…

Autumn’s chill arrives.

My hubby and I went kayaking Saturday before the big chill arrived at the lake.  The early morning rain shower on Sunday brought a new layer of cool autumn air.

We close up at the lake soon.  I always feel a little sad to see another summer season end…


We feel blessed to have so many wonderful memories and seasons with our friends at the lake!

Cheers to good memories! 🙂

P.S. What memories do you cherish with friends?  I hope you share them with me! ❤️

13 responses to “Summer Clouds Reflect

  1. Such a beautiful scene and good memories of summer and friends. I feel so fortunate to have good friends who are like sisters.

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  2. Beautiful ❤️ I have wonderful memories of going to the north Coast to camp and explore with my family. My daughters are both in their 30’s and yet we still continue going back. ❤️😊

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  3. I can feel the chill in your photo. That blue…but next year will be here before you know it! (K)

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  4. feels like it was just a minute ago you posted you were closing up at the lake last year! time is flying! trying to cherish every moment! gorgeous photo!!

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  5. It’s beautiful there! I’d be sad to close it up for the season too. Summer always seems way too short!


  6. Glad you had such a beautiful summer respite. It is still quite hot and humid here in Cincinnati, and I am so looking forward to autumn, which is my favorite season. I just returned from an enchanting trip to Ireland, and I cherish our travels together with friends, but I also cherish a quiet evening with them while enjoying a cup of herbal tea or wine. ☕️ 💖


  7. Memories to cherish and next year to look forward to. I feel the warmth of summer and dear friends returning, already.


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