The Feckenham Family…

The Feckenham family had similar features…


And could easily be found in a crowd!

Hope these funny faces give you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂

14 responses to “The Feckenham Family…

  1. This sooooo made me smile this morning. So glad I took a peek to start my day!!! 🤪👍❤️❤️💙💚💛

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  2. Lol, love their hair!

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  3. I won’t complain about my bad hair day today. 😜 Fun painting!

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  4. Your gunny faces are great Jill… !

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  5. 🤣 You kill me Jill, all their funny faces, freaky hair and names starting with F! Too hilarious and cute!

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  6. Gorgeous! What a great idea, Jill! You should illustrate childrens books! ❤️😊

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