Today’s weird bird decided to “hightail” it out of here…


Paddle-Tailed Vamoose bird

When it saw the moose in the forest…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

May your imagination soar! Cheers! 🙂

21 responses to “Vamoose

  1. Oh how your imagination SOARS and lifts my spirits. PLEASE make a book of weird birds!!!! ❤ ❤

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  2. The Vamoose fits the weird bird category. Jill, you have me giggling out load this morning.

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  3. You never fail to make me laugh Jill, vamoose and hightail, so hilariously cute!

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  4. My imagination is indeed soaring. Thank you Jill. HWBW Jill 🎨☺🐦💟🛶

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  5. I’m with Jodi regarding you making a book about your weird birds! They’re delightful and this one made me smile!

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  6. This is so fun! And looking gorgeous! I love it, Jill! 😍

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  7. Love it!! ❤️🐦
    So creative and fun!
    Happy Wednesday, Jill!

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  8. He makes me laugh!

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