A Strange Case…

Today’s weird bird is a strange case

Could it be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

A before and after photo:

Perhaps it is just an ordinary “Two-Headed Hat bird,” not to be confused with this one: The Cat Bird

If you’d like to inspect it further, here is a close-up photo:


Hope your day is clearly fabulous…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “A Strange Case…

  1. yes the title “Two-Headed Hat bird” resembles the illustration 😀 and thanks for sharing the ‘The Cat Bird’ link- whole lot to explore there, being a bird painting lover. Thank you so much Jill for sharing a weird bird along with other info. 💜💖

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  2. Wonderful adaptation from your original painting. There always something lurking in a swirl of paint! Have a great day Jill.

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  3. love it! ❤ reminds me of how I found a deer in my watercolor! Of course you found birds!!

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  4. I LOVE the colors! Funny at first I saw a Jelly Fish Bird…well still do, but your Dr. Jekyell Mr. Hyde is a good name for it I see.

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  5. Letting that imagination run wild. HWBW to you Jill. ☺💙🎨

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  6. I love those colors Jill. The eye plays tricks on us! (K)

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  7. Weird wild and wonderful Jill! How do you come up with this crazy stuff, it’s totally delightful!

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