Gelli-Plate Prints

Many of you know how much I LOVE to print with my Gelli-Plate!

When Carla Sonheim announced that she was going to teach a NEW online class on How to use more of your Gelli-Plate, I immediately signed up!  🙂

The class starts today, so if you want to learn more about it, check out her online class at

I’d been wanting to purchase the larger 9 x 12 inch size Gelli-Plate so I splurged when Dick Blick Art Supplies was having a recent sale.


I decided to do a test drive (so to speak) of my new Gelli-Plate so I made these prints using Golden fluid acrylic paints, stencils, leaves and household items:

I have A LOT more prints but these were a few of my favorites.

Which one do you like best?

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “Gelli-Plate Prints

  1. You are going to have so much fun with this Jill! I like using deli paper but I have also used tissue paper to create my own designs and then have glued them as backgrounds for people and animal portraits. At this time of the year, you can use different foliage on your gelli plate too. Check Lucy Brydon’s wonderful paintings with gelli plate. She also offers a course, which I took, on her website. Cheers!

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    • Hi Louise, I like to print on deli paper too. I will have to look on your blog to see how you used them as backgrounds. I did use some leaves in my prints. I will check out Lucy Brydon’s art, thanks Louise! 😃🍂🎨

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  2. I really like the one is shades of blue–it has a calming feel that appeals to me.

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  3. Oh these are GORGEOUS! I was so tempted. I know if I would get one of these I would love, but I have to stay a bit more focused LOL! Can’t wait to see the beauty you continue to create! LOVE your art, Jill! Love you!!!

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    • Thank you Jodi, I think you would love it too! 💙 But I understand about having to stay focused since you have an upcoming show to prepare for! 😃 Maybe you can take the class in the future. I think kids of all ages, including myself would like the animal books we will be making. 😍 Love ya too, Jodi! 😘💕

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  4. Hi Jill, I like all of these. I look forward to seeing your inspiring new art from the class.

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  5. Oh I love them!! They are all beautiful, Jill. 😀
    My favorite is the blue one. 💙💙 Looking forward to seeing more beautiful art that you create, enjoy your class! 💞

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  6. I know absolutely nothing about gelli plate printing, I look forward to watching and learning more from you Jill…it looks like you’ve been having a LOT of fun, my favorite is the top right one, I like the white contrasting with the bright yellow, rust and bluegreens

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  7. My daughter got me a gelli plate for Christmas and I have yet to have a chance to try it! But I am always inspired by your results. Maybe next year….(K)

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