Wacky Animal Prints

I had fun creating more Gelli-Plate Prints recently for the online class with Carla Sonheim.

After making an animal head as a stencil, our assignment was to cut it into four unequal quadrants and make monoprints.

Like a puzzle, pieces could be added or subtracted on each layer so the final prints were a little bit of a mystery.

Next, we were to add paint pens to complete our animals.  I used Posca paint pens which are opaque and cover most surfaces.

Below is one wild hare print before and after the paint pens:

We had the option to add eyes or a nose so I also included a bow tie! 😃

Below is a pig I did – before and after:

And two more, they look like “party” animals to me!

I also created some face “masks” in spirit of Halloween.  I hope to post them tomorrow.

I hope these wacky animal prints give you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂


19 responses to “Wacky Animal Prints

  1. Hi Jill – Wacky is the perfect description. Thanks for sharing you method. Have a great day.

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  2. They’re so cute and whimsical!

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  3. So joyful and fun!!
    Love them! 💕

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  4. so fun and playful!

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  5. I don’t understand gelli-plate prints at all, but I do love your creations! The bunny looks like he has a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup as an eye! Such fun and crazy! So glad you’re having fun!

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  6. They did make me smile! I like especially the turquoise bunny. (K)

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  7. They are all just gorgeous, Jill! I especially love the pig! 😍

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