Learning Color Pencil

I am taking an online class from Kelly Hoernig called, “Art and Nature in Color Pencil,” at JeanneOliver.com

I purchased Kelly’s book a few years ago.  I liked her idea of combining this art medium with collage:


Yet, learning color pencil seemed like a difficult subject to me.  It reminded me of watercolor in that you start light and add layers to get deeper values.

Taking an online class is helping me get more comfortable with color pencil:


(YES, I realize it is CRABapple not CRAPapple…) Lol! 😉

It helps me to get feedback from my teacher, Kelly and learn from my classmates.


Writing down the colors I use in my sketchbook creates a guide for future subjects I study further.

I am learning color pencil slowly and hope to add collage soon!

What subject would YOU like to learn more about?  I encourage you to take a class!

Cheers! 🙂


18 responses to “Learning Color Pencil

  1. I love colored pencil, and I don’t think most people realize that is it a serious medium with lots of complexities! I like to use it with markers and watercolor, I can’t wait to see what you do with collage! Your drawings look great so far!

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  2. Hi Jill, Your practice and book look very enticing. I have worked with colored pencil and it is a very satisfying medium. I loved adding the layers of color to develop the textures. Have fun.
    I found that Prismacolor pencils are one of the best. But it has been while since I’ve used colored pencil so there may be others now that are better.

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    • Hi Sharon, I like the Prismacolor brand. I have a set of Caran d’Ache Luminance but I haven’t used them much. I know Laura at Create Art Everyday preferred the Polychromas ones. 😃
      I am learning that this art medium takes patience much like watercolor! ☺️ It is always fun to learn something new! 🎨👍

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      • You are right, patience is the key with colored pencils. Years ago, I bought a Colored pencil instruction book, I forget the name. I went through all of the exercises to learn the basics. Have fun experimenting. I think I’ll get my colored pencils out and draw something.

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  3. Jill, my problem is that I have taken so many classes, and bought so many art supplies, that I must stop and focus! I am interesting by everything and each new technique is appealing to me. So I think this will be a new year’s resolution. No more purchased classes until I complete 50% of the classes I have already bought…🤔🤔🤔it’s a plan, anyway…

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  4. i adore your passion for art and learning new mediums and techniques! you constantly inspire me Jill!!!!

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  5. I want to learn so many new things, including colored pencil and pastels. Maybe one of these days when I have more time. I need to retire so I can play more!!

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  6. I LOVE colored pencil, and love to combine it with watercolor for the details. Your colored pencil outcomes here are gorgeous, Jill, I especially like your crabapples! It´s a great medium for botanical illustration, I think. And it´s very calming, because you work slow and with care. I am learning drawing with soft pastels right now, and I am really starting to love it. It is quite similar with colored pencil, but still a bit different…😊

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    • Hi Ann, I LOVE your art with watercolor and color pencils!! It is sooo fantastic! I find color pencils alone a bit challenging. I think I like it better combined with watercolor but I am learning to have a light touch and build up my layers, something I have never done before. I would love to learn more about soft pastels too – are you taking an online class? 😊🎨
      I realize that I still need to purchase your calendar, I hope I’m not too late! ❤️

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      • No, it’s not too late 😊 Right now there’s only one left, but I ordered new ones.
        I think you’re doing wonderful with colored pencils, at least what I see here looks great! I’m not taking classes, just learning by doing. I’m taking illustration classes on Skillshare though, unfortunately I didn’t find many soft pastels classes there…

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