I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be…

Snorkeling in Hawaii with this weird bird:


A So-Called Snorkeler Bird

Instead I have been fighting off a bad cold…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday friends!

Cheers! 🙂


23 responses to “I’d Rather Be…

  1. Oh I love this one Jill! Who wouldn’t rather be snorkeling in Hawaii! Feel better 🤧

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  2. Oh, I love the snorkeling bird. Take care and I hope the cold leaves you very quickly.

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  3. I love your birds! Feel better soon!

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  4. I’m game for the snorkeling outing!

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  5. I love your bird!!Snorkeling sounds like fun! Hope you feel better soon.

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  6. Me too! I love his color scheme.

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  7. Oh I love this and it sure did make my day! I just love weird bird Wednesdays. Hope your cold gets better soon.❤️💛💙💚

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  8. Feel well soon! Cheers with a cup of tea ☕️ and some chicken soup 🥣 !

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    • Thanks Carol! ❤️ Been eating a LOT of chicken soup! 🐔🍜 I’m so thankful for a warm bed and a good night’s rest… and friends like you to cheer me up! 😘💕xo


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