Matching Outfits

I remember how my grandma made my sis and I matching outfits as kids.  My sister is two years older than me.

Sometimes these memories come to me when I’m making art.  Does this happen to you?

I created this art in my sketchbook last night. I started by glueing a stocking hat and sweater for a dog from one of my Gelli-plate printed papers.

I then drew my girl’s face.  Next, I glued her vest and pants to the paper.  Kind of reminds me of paper dolls… I drew her arms and boots around her collaged “clothes” and the dog around his “sweater” from my imagination…


The proportions are a bit off on my girl but I like the dog! Lol! ☺️  And the poem I wrote reminds me of my childhood and how much fun we used to have playing in the snow.

I have always thought it would be fun to have a little dog to dress up in matching outfits! 

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. The child in me wishes it would snow but the adult says, “Please, only in the mountains!  I don’t want to drive in it!” 😉

17 responses to “Matching Outfits

  1. Love this so much! Thanks for the smile 🙂

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  2. Such a sweet pair! I have a sister two years younger, and we were dressed alike quite often as children. My daughter used to dress our dog all the time, but never like one of us 🙂

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    • Hi Carol, it must have been the “thing” to do to dress kids alike! ☺️ Funny how these memories come up when I’m creating art! 🎨💕
      I remember dressing the kittens that our cat had in doll clothes. That is so sweet how your daughter dressed up your dog! 🐶💗

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  3. PS: I share your sentiments about snow. It is so beautiful!

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  4. The dog is wonderful, Kelly has definitely got Jelly’s attention! So cute!!

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  5. Love it. My Mother made my sister and I matching outfits. My sister hated it. Still complains to this day. I was the youngest and didn’t notice or really care. Clothes were clothes.☺

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    • Hi Susan, how funny that your sister hated it! 😂 I think mine did too! 🤣 I don’t remember it bothering me much either. I always got my sister’s hand me downs too. ❤️ Now I’d rather buy art supplies than clothes…Lol! 👗👢🧣🧤

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  6. Oh so cute!! 💙😊
    Matching outfits are fun.

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  7. Awww, this is so cute, Jill! Love it! ❤️ Me and my sister had matching outfits too, she’s younger than me. I now have a dog, but she unfortunately would hate matching outfits. She hates all outfits, her fur is enough outfit for her 😄 I love snow too, cannot wait to move to Budapest/Hungary next year again. It´s eastern Europe and there’s a lot more snow in winter than here in the west (western Germany). But right now I am still enjoying fall with it´s magical colors! Have a wonderful weekend, Jill! 💕

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    • Hi Ann, thank you for sharing your memories with me 💗 Matching outfits seems like a popular “thing” from our childhoods. 😍 Nice you have a dog to keep you company. 🐶💕 We got snow here yesterday… it was a surprise! ❄️ Enjoy your weekend too! 🍂

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