Blushing Betty

With Thanksgiving here next week in the States, it is time to start planning the Turkey dinner!

I purchased this old Betty Crocker cookbook from a thrift store.  I use it for collage.  It is filled with stains and comments on the pages… it makes me wonder whose family enjoyed it. 😉


I have been drawing a lot of pears lately so it seems fitting that a pear-shaped weird bird would appear…


Blushing Betty is a variation of the photographed recipe above for Quick Brown Betty. 

I wonder is Betty blushing because she painted her toenails?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

13 responses to “Blushing Betty

  1. Could be. I like her yellow bonnet.

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  2. Is it already Wednesday?…..I love Blushing Betty. Great cookbook find. I have my grandmothers old cookbooks, and I especially love all of the written notes in her handwriting. Have a creative day Jill!

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  3. Love it!! ❤️🐦 😀
    You are so creative and inspiring, Jill!!
    By the way, I love Betty C, always my go to for favorite recipes. 💗😀
    Happy Wednesday!

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  4. This might just be my favorite weird bird of all! I love the mixing bowl hat, and she looks a little frustrated, like her Brown Betty just failed!! Wonderful fun Jill!!!!

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