Joyful Music

One of the highlights during the month of December is the special music…

Last weekend, I heard a trumpet solo and today at church, I listened to a violin soloist.


I like to close my eyes and listen, it brings my heart JOY!

What special music do YOU enJOY during the month of December?

I hope you share it with me.

Cheers! 🙂

14 responses to “Joyful Music

  1. Hi Jill – I love you art today and your message. I especially love to hear choral music this time of year. Your textured painting just blew me away, love it! We are kindred spirits for texture!

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  2. Wonderful collage Jill, you really did capture their joy in singing!

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  3. Beautiful, Jill! 💗
    Music definitely is food for the soul. 🙂 🎶 I love to listen to holiday music by various artists. I have a playlist of favorites that has grown over the years.

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  4. The colours and textures in the first piece are wonderful Jill… !

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  5. They’re lovely Jill! I love the classics sung by Dean Martin, Bing Cosby, choirs, and French Christmas carols too.

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