Holiday Traditions

I often find myself thinking about holiday traditions this time of year and remembering times from my childhood…

This drawing of a sweet girl recently appeared in my sketchbook and I was reminded of the faux hand muffs that my sis and I had as young children, anyone else remember them?


I don’t remember wearing them very much as they weren’t the most practical in keeping my hands warm.  😉

One of my holiday traditions that I started several years ago was making this easy and yummy, Caramel Snack mix:


I thought you might enjoy making it apart of your holiday tradition!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  Do you have a favorite childhood memory or holiday tradition?  I hope you share it with me.

14 responses to “Holiday Traditions

  1. Hi Jill, good memories and love your charming young lady. I think I had a fluffy hand warmer at one time, weren’t they called a “muff”. I always was so happy to see my mom pull put the Christmas knick knacks that she put on the hutch. It was the signs of the beginnings of Christmas. We each had a Santa mug with our names on them. Recently, I was walking by a thrift store and the similar mugs were in the window. I was flooded with memories instantly.

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    • Hi Sharon, I also remember when my mom would bring out the box of Christmas decorations and all the treasures and stories we found in that box. ❤️ I like your memory of your Christmas mug.🎅 Thanks for sharing your memories with me 😇

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  2. I remember the year of the faux white rabbit hat that every girl had to have. My memories are many and Happy. Christmas was always special. I thank my Dad for that.

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    • Hi Susan, I think I remember something similar to your hat! It probably matched the hand muff! 😃 Christmas was always special in my house too. My mom loved Christmas. 🎁 That is neat that your dad made Christmas special for you! ❤️ I like looking at the old family photos as it takes me back to a magical time…✨

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  3. A couple of years ago a very good friend somehow got a photo of me aged 3 or 4 sitting on my Dad’s knee beside our Christmas tree. She made that photo into an ornament. So magic can still happen.

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  4. I remember those cute little hand muffs, I had one too. ❤️ We each had a little Santa ornament with our name on the hat. Another special memory is my mom making chocolate fudge at Christmas. 🎄❤️

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  5. I had a hand muff too as a kid, but didn’t use it much either because I would rather use my hands… 😊 Since we lived in Spain by the mediterranean sea I have a tradition of eating shrimps grilled in garlic and white wine on Christmas. I think in the region of Spain where we lived they say that eating shrimps on Christmas will bring good luck and prosperity for the next year… And since I don’t eat meat, I sometimes substitute it with a little fish or shrimps…

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  6. What a sweet drawing! Yes I remember having a muff! I am baking chex mix with my granddaughter tomorrow!

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    • Hi Jenna, I am surprised that so many of us had hand muffs. 💗 My aunt always had the tradition of making the Chex mix at Christmas time. 😍 My version tastes more like caramel corn. Have fun! ✨


  7. It’s fun reading everyone’s Christmas memories. Our family always opened presents on Christmas Eve, but not before our traditional meal of rice pudding, cheese and crackers, salami and other “finger foods”. My favorite decoration was the set of “angel chimes” with had candles that made the angels go around from the heat😋

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