A Square A Day…

Do YOU have any creative goals for 2019?

 I believe creative goals can be a good thing even if we get distracted during the process of completing our ideas.  I see goals as a starting point, like making a recipe…

Sometimes when I start a recipe for dinner, I discover that I don’t have all the ingredients to complete it.  So it means I need to substitute what I do have to make it work.

Completing creative goals can be like making a recipe, sometimes we need to change “ingredients” to make it work for us.

I started, A Square Project in 2018 but I didn’t get it completed as planned.  Perhaps I got bored.  Perhaps I got distracted with other art classes.  It doesn’t really matter as I enjoyed the process while I did it.


I recently started an assignment from Carla Sonheim’s “365 Right Braininess” online class; to paint watercolor in a square format and fill each square with doodles, drawings and paper collage.  I have found that I like creating in a square a day


How many birds can YOU find in the art piece above?

And it reminded me of this book, “No Excuses Art Journaling,” by Gina Rossi Armfield:


I recently purchased the 1.75 inch punch!

After seeing the journaling ideas from this book and others online, I decided to create my own creative challenge for next year!

I wrote about it in my art journal yesterday:


I hope you will join me in creating a square a day in 2019 with the creative  “ingredients” that make YOU happy!

Happy New Year!!

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “A Square A Day…

  1. I love your squares, Jill. 💗
    I’m looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful work in 2019!!
    Happy New Year!! 💙🌸

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  2. Setting goals is a great way to get things done Jill, and I look forward to watching you create your squares in 2019! I decided to do the December doodlewash challenge, and even though I didn’t draw everyday, I was able to fit a lot of creating in the busy holiday month, and did manage to finish the entire challenge list for Dec! I am going to do the January challenge too, and hope to actually do a picture a day. Happy creating!

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  3. Love your squares and look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2019. I decided to break my challenge down into a 7 day challenge. 30 days is just too much for me with my schedule. Good luck to you (and your readers) for the new year and the challenges that are ahead!

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    • Hi Roshanda, I think finding what works for you is key for succeeding in any goals set for ourselves. 😊 I look forward to seeing what you create in the New Year too! 🎨🎉🌟 Cheers to creating!


  4. I really like this idea Jill and you’re right it is important to have creative goals. Thanks for giving me something to think about creatively on this first day of 2019! Happy New Year! 😊

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  5. Happy New Year Jill!
    You are buzzing with creativity! I feel inspired! I have a square project for 2019 too! In December I bought the book A Year in small drawings by Matilda Tristram. It is divided into the seasons and she makes you draw everything from garbage, nature, people, architecture….. to tiles and buttons. For every theme you have 3 pages of 12 squares (a bit more than 1,5 inches). So far I did just a few drawings! I like squares and small projects. It feels so good to finish s.th., even if it is only small! I will certainly post some finished pages on my instagram account!
    Yes, and often the best dishes are made from what you find in your refrigerator!
    I think I see at least four birds in your watercolor art work! But there may be more! I didn’t manage to make the image bigger!

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    • Hi Suzanne, I am excited to hear that you have a square project too!! 🎨👍 Your book sounds great, I will have to check it out! 😊 I agree, I like the small size, feels more do-able! I will look for your posts on IG! 🌟 Sounds like we like to cook the same as well as our art making! 🍎 And yes, there are 4 birds – thanks for playing along!! 🐦🐥 Cheers! 🎊


  6. Jill, even your journal pages are pretty and whimsical! Do you display all your squares together when done? It would be beautiful to frame this big project. I would love to do something like this but I feel like I would run out of steam. Definitely something to consider though because now I’m really liking the idea of framing my own 365 squares at the end of 2019…

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    • Hi Eva, I plan to take a photo of them each month. 😃 It would look amazing framed after a year! Great idea! 👍 I am staying open to see what evolves during the year. Right now I am filing them in a box. I am writing notes on the back. I may just use them to inspire me when I feel stuck in a creative rut. Will wait and see! 🎨✨ I do hope you give the project a try – it doesn’t need to be for a year. 😍

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