A MuuMuu Bird

Today’s weird bird is often found in the tropics where the weather is warm and there is no snow…


A MuuMuu Bird

According to Wikipedia.com; the word, mu’umu’u (pronounced mu:mu) means “cut-off” in Hawaiian because the dress originally lacked a yoke.

If you ever see a MuuMuu bird let me know!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers to tropical breezes and sunshine if only in my imagination! 🙂

18 responses to “A MuuMuu Bird

  1. So adorable! And what is that first GORGEOUS piece!?!!?!!

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  2. I shall keep my eyes open and will let you know if one shows up at the backyard feeders!

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  3. I love the colours and textures in the first piece Jill – lovely work!

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  4. Ooo and ahhh, lovely paper designs Jill and the MuuMuu bird is very attractive.

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  5. ohhh, the tropics, how I long to be there! He’s a cutie!

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  6. Beautiful print and such a cute bird! 💚🌴🌞
    Happy Wednesday, Jill!!

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  7. Happy New Year Jill! As always, smiles. (K)

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  8. Love this Jill, it’s so colourful. Will let you know if I come across a Number My! 😁

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  9. Your art is always so eye catching and happy, Jill! If there are any Muu Muu birds around here, they’d better wear their long Johns underneath. And maybe a parka on top!! Brr. Take care, friend! 💖

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