It’s A Splash!

I have been doing these mini collages in my art journal that start by glueing a piece of paper randomly on a page and then going back and adding to it until it feels like it is done.

It reminds me of solving a puzzle.

Here is one I just started:


I hope to show you how I complete it next week!

The one below, I started with the brown piece of kraft paper that I previously printed on the Gelli plate:


I added the tree and then got the idea to add the image of a child and a growth chart.

I started with the gray image from a magazine underneath the “water circus” image for this one:


From there, I added the buoy paper, etc.  I finished it with the rubber stamped letters to balance out the fish.

It IS a splash to create collage this way!! I hope you give me a try and tell me what you think!

Cheers! 🙂

13 responses to “It’s A Splash!

  1. I Looove your Water Circus Jill !!!

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  2. Take a dip to start the day

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  3. You come up with the craziest cute stuff Jill! You really are the definition of creating fearlessly! Wonderful fun eye candy!

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    • Hi Jenna, happy you like it! 💗 I find these little challenges are good for learning balance in my collages and finding what I enjoy making. Kind of like creating a recipe and discovering what I like to cook! 👍🎨

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  4. These are great Jill! You are on a creative roll…(K)

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    • Hi Kerfe, yes, it helps to be taking an online class… gets my creative juices flowing! 😊 Plus, I retired from my hubby’s business at the end of December so I have a bit more time to play with my art supplies. 🎨👍

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  5. I love seeing your process, Jill!! So fun and creative. 😊💗

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