Strange Inventions…

It is fun to glue shapes on paper and see what appears, like this collage in my art journal:


Sometimes adding doodles with a black pen helps me work through life’s problems.


Yesterday, these strange inventions appeared!

I wish the medical field could invent a cure for dementia… My hubby’s mom is really struggling with this terrible disease.  And we struggle finding her good care.

Sometimes it is these strange creatures or inventions that show up when I need a smile.


I hope this whimsy brings a smile to your day as well!

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “Strange Inventions…

  1. wonderful way to start off my Winters Tuesday with cheerfulness, your art is beautiful an these are just perfect. Have a beautiful day…see you soon

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  2. Love the one with the doodles!

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  3. I love the Strange Inventions Jill! Awesome! I haven’t picked up my sketchbook in far too long, today is the day!

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  4. Yes, I’m smiling. What fun you have been having.

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  5. I’m so glad this art is therapeutic for you because it brings me SUCH JOY! Dementia is such a difficult disease! I’m so sorry you are dealing with it for your mother in law 😦

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  6. Your combinations of color and texture are always so good.
    My mother struggled with Alzheimer’s for many years, it was much harder after my father died. There are no good solutions now. Sending strength to you and your husband. (K)

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  7. beautiful, Jill, especially with the lines!

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