Drawing From Memory

I prefer to draw from a reference photo but yesterday, I decided to try drawing from memory:


It helped to have a good teacher.  The teacher was Jeanne-Marie Webb from the online class:  Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019.  This year the theme is painting loose.

I drew two faces with charcoal pencil, Derwent Inktense Blocks and chalk.  Next, I fragmented the faces by cutting up the eyes separate from the nose and mouth.  I glued the features so they didn’t completely match on a separate piece of paper.  I collaged my Gelli-Plate printed papers with my drawings.

I am starting to see improvements in my face drawings… Hoorah!

How about you, do YOU enjoy drawing from memory?

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Drawing From Memory

  1. Me, I’m hopeless. I don’t draw from photos either, just from life

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  2. Beautiful piece, like the colour choices blending excellently together. The eyes seem to draw one into your art. Your use of charcoal is wonderful an the finale touch of 3 roses that I interpretate balances the art piece Thank you for starting off my rainy Monday morning with such a fascinating piece. Have a happy day..

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  3. whoa, this is super cool Jill! Wow! Love the colors and the mystery you created! I rarely draw faces or people, too hard! And I have to have something to look at unless I’m doodling of drawing patterns…

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    • Thank you Jenna, I like how this one turned out! 😊 I am trying to improve drawing faces as it is out of my comfort zone too! 😉 I usually need a reference if I am drawing more realistic. This one was fun because it was more fantasy. Fun to try different art mediums too! 🎨👍

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  4. Hi Jill, I’m so intrigued with your new art today. Your exploration and practice of art has converged here in this stunning piece of art. Bravo!

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  5. This is so intriguing! I really really like it! I like both methods – reference and memory 🙂 Depends on what I am doing

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  6. Wow, really cool, Jill! Great job!

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  7. This is fabulous Jill! Awesome faces! Beautifully done! 😍

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  8. This is mysterious and wonderful Jill. (K)

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  9. I love this drawing.
    I almost always use a reference photo to draw from.

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