Where Is Spring?

It is hard to believe that Spring will be here in two months where I live in the Pacific Northwest!

We recently got about a foot and a half of new snow!  So pretty when it is fluttering down from the sky but not so pretty when the snow plower piled the driveway with a huge berm yesterday…Ugh!

I finished my doodle from last week!  YAY! 😀 If you didn’t see that post, you can find it here:  A Little Doo-da-ling

It was super fun to work on it a little each day when I had a few minutes:

And the finishing touches:

I added two colors of color pencils to complete it.  I’d love to hear what you think!


Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Where Is Spring?

  1. This is so cool, I love the way it turned out! Such a good idea to work on a little each day as you can, I am going to try that! Psst, come visit me, it’s going to be 68 on the coast today {cloudy though, but still nice and warm}

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    • Hi Jenna, oh, 68 degrees sounds heavenly right now!! ☀️I’ll be right over…Lol! 😊 I’m glad you like how my doodle turned out. 😊 I wasn’t sure about adding the color but decided to go for it! 💚


  2. hootiebirdsartjournal

    I love all the detail! Great job! I’ve been watching the news about your area. The snow passed us by and went up North to see you. We were left with the rain.

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  3. So amazing! Gorgeous!!! Lucky you get to stay inside and enjoy art while that snow plow goes by – right?! 🙂

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  4. Love colors added to ink doodles. This is really nice Jill! I haven’t done any doodles in a while. I think I should since it is such a meditative process.

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    • I don’t often add color but now I think I will! 😍 I do find doodling meditative. Do you like to make up your own patterns or follow the Zentangle patterns? I like to do a little of both. Pinterest also has some amazing ideas for inspiration! 🎨 Happy Doodling!


  5. I admire your patience! So pretty!

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  6. Awesome, Jill!! 💚💙😀
    I love your doodles. The added color on this piece is gorgeous! 😍

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  7. I love this one! It’s sooo my style!😀

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  8. Wonderful design Jill, and the added green, the cherry on top!

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  9. This is beautiful. Love the added color.

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  10. I like both black and white, and the one with the added colour, but the added colour one has my preference as it jumps out a bit more.


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