Plain Vs. Peanut

Plain vs. peanut?  

M&M chocolate candies of course!


And two weird birds:


Plain Vs. Peanut

I wonder which one is Mars and which one is Murrie?

According to M&M stands for Forrest Mars, son of the Mars candy founder, who invented, patented and began manufacturing the candy coated plain variety in a factory in New Jersey in 1941.

Mars talked to Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey’s company president about going into business together.  Their sweet deal melted like chocolate in a hot car in 1949 when Mars bought out Murrie’s share for 1 million.

Q:  What were the 5 original colors?

A:  Red, orange, yellow, green and violet

The signature “M” wasn’t stamped on the candies until 1950, in black rather than white.

Peanut M&M’s were introduced in 1954 in a tan color… It wasn’t until 1960 that they came out in colors like the plain variety.

Mars was allergic to peanuts so he never got to enjoy a handful of his creation…

I recently purchased a bag of the peanut M&M’s that inspired me for today’s weird birds!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

PS. May your day be extra sweet! 

24 responses to “Plain Vs. Peanut

  1. Peanut M and M’s! Favorite candy!

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  2. Love the boys an great information. You’ve created a mini story with funny humor, way better than your standard How M & M’s Was Created, watched it on a documentary. Wonderful happy morning to you. Keep us looking for future mini stories an very cute designs, from your wonderful imagination.

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  3. Fun history about M&M’s, love the definitions on your weird birds. You crack me up, Jill with your wonderful sense of humor.

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  4. Thanks for the history lesson Jill, and now of course I’m craving peanut M&Ms! Mars is definitely the brown bird!

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  5. I love the goofy expression of the bird on the right. (K)

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  6. Oh I LOVVVVEE them – and I LOVE Peanut M&Ms – cannot buy them or I eat them ALL! Great little history lesson too! I’d love to see an original violet M&M. Hugs from Mars!

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    • Thanks Jodi! 🥜🍫 My birds are a bit goofy today… must have been from all the sugar from the M&M’s! 🤣 Lol!
      And it would be cool to see a violet one, I agree! 💜 Hugs back! 😍💕

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  7. Happy Wednesday, Jill!
    Love them!! My favorite is peanut. 😋

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    • Hi Patty Anne, I like the plain ones in cookies otherwise, I always buy the peanut M&M’s. I justify that the peanuts add extra protein… ☺️
      Hope your day was extra sweet like you, my friend! ❤️🍫

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  8. Yum! Good enough to eat.😁

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  9. These are so fun! 😍Love them… I can’t possibly choose between these weird birds. Interesting that Mars was allergic to chocolate… that trivia bit as well!

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  10. Love these weird birds, and I love M&Ms! I always opt for the peanut variety because it is a bit healthier, don’t you think? 🤣😂🤣😂

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