The American Robin

I haven’t drawn a REAL bird in awhile so I decided to try the American Robin.  

I have been observing them outside my kitchen window snacking on dried red berries from my crabapple tree.

I started with a light pencil sketch on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper before I added a wash of color:


The robins have been fluffing up their feathers to keep themselves warm since we still have winter with more snow on the way! ;-(  Apparently, the robin’s body temperatures are 104 degrees Fahrenheit so by fluffing up their feathers they keep their bodies warm.

I finished my painting by adding details with watercolor pencils:


I will be adding this American Robin to my mixed media sketchbook.  I will show you my completed page next Monday.

When I see a Robin in winter, I will picture them a little differently now.  A sauna comes to mind… perhaps there is a future weird bird here! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  If you’d like to see a previous post I did on a Robin, you can find it here:  An American Robin   It is wonderful to look back and see how I am making progress in my drawing and watercolor skills!

31 responses to “The American Robin

  1. Lovely work, Jill! Birds are fun to draw and paint, aren’t they?! You’re coming along in leaps and bounds with your art skills and it’s very exciting to see visible progress !!! 🙂

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  2. I love your Robin Jill! I keep forgetting about DAB day!

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  3. Good Morning Jill, what a beauty. I’ve been seeing the Robins in my yard as well. Happy Bird Day, I remembered to post a bird, too,

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  4. I have only tried to draw a bird once, and he turned out to be a pot bellied parrot 😂 Your little robin is adorable! I had no idea they flapped their feathers to keep warm! Stay warm in the snow, we’re expecting more storms in Alabama…

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    • Hi Jenna, I took a class on drawing birds one time and I learned to see the bird in shapes. I have always remembered that the body starts as an egg shape and this has helped me tremendously. And I think your drawing and painting skills are FABULOUS!! 😃🎨
      I hope you stay safe, Jenna! ❤️


  5. Robins are abundant here and are quite territorial while nesting. Don’t get too close! I’m sure your sweet bird would welcome a visit, though 😍

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  6. This is lovely! When I see them I know Spring is near.

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  7. Love your Robin! They are a delight to watch and paint! 😀 I can’t wait for Spring to arrive. 🌷🐦💚

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  8. I haven’t seen a robin yet this (hopefully soon) spring, but I have seen them in winters past. Birds do look at you in just that way! Great face. (K)

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  9. That is lovely! I was looking at Robins in the backyard the other day and realizing I haven’t drawn or painted any yet! 😁❤

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  10. Beautiful Robin! Love this, Jill! 😍And you’ve just leveled up! 😉

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  11. Beautiful robin, Jill :-). The colours are so wonderfully robiny! And I love his pose and vibrant and friendly eye!


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