Outside A Window

I love the view of this crabapple tree outside my kitchen window:


This photo was taken in May when the tree was showing its spectacular pink blossoms!

I decided to add a photo of it to my mixed media sketchbook as the tree inspires me all four seasons!  I colored the photo with color pencils so the flowers stood out.


And below is the Robin that I painted and showed you in my last post:


Inspiration of place can sometimes come from what we see outside a window in our home… Below is a photo of both pages together in my art journal.


What view inspires YOU, outside a window?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

28 responses to “Outside A Window

  1. I love your journal pages Jill, lots of fun creativity and your crabapple tree is gorgeous in bloom!

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  2. I have a similar view outside my bedroom window. I love my tree in the spring when it’s in full bloom but it’s the squirrels that scurry along the branches that come to mind.

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  3. What a beautiful crab apple tree. The color are luscious. I like your garden journal entry design including the little Robin.

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  4. I love your journal! Your painting is beautiful!

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  5. What a gorgeous tree! I’m with Sharon, the color is luscious!! ❣️❣️Love your journal pages. 🐦😍 I’m always inspired by nature.

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  6. I love your journal pages and view out the window.You’re in the pink!

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  7. BEAUTIFUL Journal pages!!!

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  8. I love the view outside our patio screened-in windows. Beautiful birds, chatty chipmunks, playful bunnies, and silly squirrels. So relaxing – and entertaining! Your tree is absolutely glorious when in bloom!

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  9. Wow! That pink is gorgeous! And so cool to see the crabapple in your journal during different seasons. Your robin looks even lovelier with its journal decorations and the beautiful handwritten words writing him into a moment in time. 🙂

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  10. Your pages are full of beauty and ideas, Jill! By coincidence I saw my first Robin of the season today.

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  11. I cant wait to see my Rose of Sharon blossom…it’s on the way, I’m sure…(K)

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