Flower Magic

Yesterday, I experimented with Ecoline liquid watercolors.  I just love how vibrant these colors are right out of the jar.  It was fun to wet my watercolor paper first and then drop in color with an eye dropper.

I learned some of these techniques from the online class, Flower Magic hosted by Ivy Newport.

I added F&W acrylic ink in gold on top of this flower.  I also added salt over the wet paint but it was extremely slow drying.


My next flower, I added Inktense pencil by sanding the pencil over the wet paint.  I like the look of the fine granules.


And my last flower I added Ecoline gold.  It didn’t spread as well as the F&W Acrylic gold ink.  I also added Inktense pencil shavings in two different colors.


There is little control in this method of painting with an eye dropper.  It definitely felt like flower magic as each flower took shape.

Do you have a favorite color combination?  I hope you share it with me.

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Flower Magic

  1. I love the top one Jill, it glows!

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  2. The first one with the brights, deeper brown and pop of gold. It’s so pretty!

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  3. Jill, these flowers are amazing, your experimentation looks like glorious fun!!

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  4. wow Jill, you got some really cool effects! Love the gold!

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  5. I love these soooo much!!!

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  6. Wow, very cool!! Looks like so much fun. I love the bright colors, all so beautiful!! 🌸💚🌷💜

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  7. Nice experiments, Jill. I think my favourite is the second one.

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  8. These are so cool! I love how much energy and motion they have. Beautiful!! 😍

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  9. I use liquid watercolors almost exclusively…your flowers make good use of them! (K)

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