Pattern and Color Play

Sometimes I make art for classes that are just for practice but I dislike wasting good art paper.

Yesterday, I decided to add pattern and color to two of such papers.

My first experiment were repetitive triangle shapes on 90 lb hot press paper.  I added more pattern and color with water soluble crayons and then softened them with water:

Next, I mixed a tiny bit of transparent orange acrylic paint with matte medium and brushed it onto my paper.  I added more pattern on top with a plastic tool by Plaid.


My second experiment was adding to shapes I had done with sumi ink and water soluble crayons to create a feeling of rhythm.  I added additional pattern and color similar to my first experiment.

I mixed a tiny bit of transparent red with matte medium but got a little too much red so I softened it with more matte medium for the second half on the left.


I used the end of my acrylic brush to make marks into the wet paint on this one.


Orignally, I was going to use both papers for collage material but I’m not sure I will cut up the first one!  I like it too much.  It reminds me of sailboats and summer.

I encourage you to experiment with pattern and color play over some artwork you’d like to repurpose.  You may surprise yourself!

Cheers! 🙂

24 responses to “Pattern and Color Play

  1. I love that first one….it feels like a stream of sailboats. 🙂

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  2. Wow. These are great. Don’t blame you for not wanting to cut it up

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  3. Your patterns turned out fabulous!

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  4. Wonderful and playful. I need to clean off my art table so I can get back to work.

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  5. Love the additions.

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  6. They look so neat! I like the black champaign glasses and the lovely sails in the colors of the sea.

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    • Hi Deborah, the black marks do look like champagne or martini glasses! 🥂 I was making the marks to music. I like the sailboat one the best. I like that it has a feeling of movement. ⛵️💕🌈

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  7. The sailboat one is stunning, kinda gauzy and dreamy 🙂

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  8. Love the sailboats!! I can feel the movement. The colors and patterns are amazing!! 💙💜❤️⛵️😀

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  9. You really got some cool effects, and I do love the triangles! The square you cut out looks like an exotic postage stamp!

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  10. These are awesome, Jill! 😍 Adore the first pattern that almost looks like sails… it’s mesmerizing… I can’t stop staring at it!!

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  11. I love those layered lines. (K)


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