Drawing Cactus and Succulents

I decided to take another little blogging break as I need to have a second surgery.  Not my hip this time, thank goodness.  🙂

I had a Mammogram and the doctor found a small lump that has to be removed.  I am thankful it is not cancer!  Praise God!  It is a good reminder the importance of getting an annual Mammogram.

I recently painted a couple of pages in my art journal:


I just love the texture I got, don’t you?  I started with black gesso, added several colors of acrylic paint with a brayer and used a stencil on some parts.  I started drawing a vine with a black micron pen and flower shapes with a paintbrush and black Sumi ink.

I used leftover paint on my brayer for this page.  It was easier to draw the flowers without so much acrylic paint on the page.


I liked this first book of Botanical Line Drawing so much:


I decided to treat myself and purchase the author’s second book on Drawing Cactus and Succulents.  This book actually has the names of each plant so I can learn as I go.


I like the simple steps of illustration in both books.

Perhaps I will have some interesting journal pages to show you when I return.  I plan on joining my cat with some Cat Napping  while I heal.

Happy Creating!

Cheers! 🙂

32 responses to “Drawing Cactus and Succulents

  1. Speedy recovery! Love your backgrounds!

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  2. you have such talent! You can make something beautiful out of anything! Get that yucky thing out and move on! Enjoy a break and know happy healing vibes are being sent your way!!! ❤

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  3. Beautiful paintings! Wishing you a quick recovery!

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  4. I really like the orange and yellow one. It’s so cheerful.

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  5. Beautiful artwork, Jill!
    I’ve taken a few Peggy’s classes on Skillshare. I need to look for her books.
    Heal up quickly my friend, love and prayers your way. 💗🌸💚

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    • Hi Patty Anne, I will have to look for her classes on Skillshare. I just love her books. I have her lettering one too. I thought you might like her illustrations for inspiration in your floral drawings. 🎨🌼🌸
      Thank you for your prayers for healing! ❤️💗💛 😘xo

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  6. so glad for your diagnosis!
    As always, love both the colors and textures. (K)

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    • Thank you Kerfe, it was a huge relief. 💗 I hope I am done having surgeries for awhile. This last one was more painful than the hip.
      I’m glad you like my textures and colors, for some reason it never occured to me to use a brayer in my sketchbook to spread the paint around! ☺️

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  7. Oh Jill, I just had a mammo yesterday. thank you for the reminder why we go through thietorture. So glad that you are getting your lump removed and that it’s not cancer. 🙂
    Loving your pages and botanical drawings. I think I need to go to amazon now and get these books. LOL

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    • Hi Jen, glad to hear you had your annual exam. I agree they aren’t fun! 😔 These books are super fun! I like that the illustrations are simple. Even your kiddos at school might like them! 🎨👍 So enjoy seeing the artwork you do with them, you are a wonderful teacher! 😊💕


  8. I do hope everything went well Jill. Hugs. 💙💞💙

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  9. Praying for your quick recovery!

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  11. Awesome art! I followed your blog! If you want to follow back that would be awesome, I do a lot of art stuff too.

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  12. These are beautiful, and have given me some ideas to try out on some of the backgrounds I already have waiting in my journal! Hoping that you’re making a good recovery from your op.

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    • Hi Jane, I have healed almost completely from this surgery. Unfortunately, the laproscopic hip surgery in March is still causing me problems. 😉 Glad you liked my drawings. They are so fun to do! I hope you post on your blog what you create! 🌵🌿🌻


  13. I will. I generally don’t do well with acrylics, which is a shame, but the smell makes me feel ill. Lately, though, I’ve been able to cope with gesso, as long as I use it sparingly. It does give you more scope with backgrounds, doesn’t it!

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    • Hi Jane, I find less smell with Golden’s Fluid Acrylics but the opacity of gouache paints may work well for you. Not all Gesso’s are smelly so I recommend you try different brands. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a sniffer these days… 😉


      • I think mine is probably too sensitive. I can just about tolerate my current gesso, think it’s either Windsor and Newton or a brand beginning with C something…


  14. Oh, and many thanks for dropping by Holding Heaven; it’s great to see new and friendly faces!

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