Cactus and Flowers

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your good wishes for my recent surgery.  I so appreciate it!  🙂

I have been drawing Cactus and flowers in my sketchbook since my last post and coloring them with different markers such as Tombow, Copic and Artist’s Loft (an inexpensive brand from Michael’s Store).


Did you notice the paper collage for the Cactus planters?


I was excited to buy U.S. postage stamps with Cactus on them this week!


Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

19 responses to “Cactus and Flowers

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  2. Hi, Jill. Thanks for these beautiful images. I really like them with their warm tones, drawing and collage. My favourite is the fist one in the series of three. I like the outline of the cactus with the background colours showing through. The image possesses a spontaneity and freshness. Hope you don’t mind my sharing the image. Happy Drawing. Have a wonderful day, dear friend. Goff

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    • Hi Goff, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! And thank you for sharing my art on your blog. I like the first one also without the markers but I did enjoy the experimentation! 🎨😊 Cheers!


  3. I love the playfulness of this drawing Jill. I’m so inspired this morning! I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better…keep on creating!

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  4. Oh this makes me smile Jill, you are having some wonderful fun!

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  5. I am loving these drawings so much! I will have to check out those botanical books. So glad you are doing well, my friend!

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  6. Oh I love this, Jill!! 💚
    So fun and creative, beautiful work. 🌵🌸🌿😀

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  7. More great layers. That’s a great corally orange too. (K)

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    Hello Jill,
    I just read that you had a second surgery (I haven’t read my emails in a while!) Hope you are healing well and will be fine again soon!
    I am a great cactus lover and enjoyed your post with your wonderful drawings so much! You have the most wonderful books too! Must check these ones! I love how you tried out so many pens!
    No special challenges for me right now: I try to fit a bit of creative time in my busy life: some drawing time and mostly trying to catch up with my online classes, thats all I can manage!
    Big hugs from me

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    • Hi Suzanne, thank you for your nice note! 💗 I am getting better each day. 😊 I like seeing your art on IG and Facebook but I agree, it is difficult to keep up with everything, especially social media! 😉 I am looking forward to Lynn Whipple’s collage section that will be beginning soon! Thank you for your hugs! 😘💕xo


  9. Love your art! Check out some succulents I own maybe it can give you more inspiration on plant painting 🖼

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